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How to get the best trim quality possible in the shortest amount of time.

    How would you like to produce a perfectly trimmed product, 20 to 45 times faster than hand trimming alone? What if all that speed of production could be done by one person, at home or out in the grow? The good news is, it can! These quiet, smooth-running machines trim your product in record time, all while producing a virtual "scissors like trim" in the process. See why reviewers everywhere have been heralding this machine as the best dry trimmer in the industry! Click the image or go here to learn more!

Now you can wet-trim with lightning fast speeds and 80% less effort!

TrimBros Stripper

    Wet trimming is a big job, so why not eliminate 80% of that work right from the start with The Stripper? After eight years of development and dozens of different design alterations in that time, we're confident you will not find a better wet-trim/de-leafing machine on the market today. The Stripper pulls leaves off your product quickly and effectively, eliminating 80% of the work needed by other methods and its portability allows you to take it almost anywhere. Find out why we've had nothing but praise and positive feedback for this machine, click the image or go here to learn more and order yours now.

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